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  • The result of putting 35 Aussies/Kiwi's and and Canadian on tour for 11 days: All night Karaoke in LA, a multitude of unknown bruises and scratches, dust in places I never knew existed, knowing that chandelier will always have new meaning, the ability to count the number of hours slept on one hand, the innate fear of becoming sober due to the 10day hangover that ensues, and the most insane penthouse party ever. I wouldn't have changed a minute of it. Memories that will last a lifetime. But in the end, it's the people who make the adventures amazing and you guys are fucking rad
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  • Best Tour/Tour guides ever! Expect nothing but the most epic of times during your tour. You'll feel welcomed and you don't have to worry about anything. Focus on having fun! They got you covered!
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  • Hands down the best tour I've ever done,amazing memories made with a group of amazing people,can't speak highly enough of Anita and Jess, they are both great at what they do and it's no wonder people keep coming back,if you're thinking about a tour definitely go with Awake,you won't regret it,TOL!!! #TeamAwake ✌️
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  • By far the best tour I have ever been on can't complain one bit about organisation and partying ✌️ def book again with them.
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  • I'm so grumpy at this tour. From the start Anita was wearing such revealin clothing! And team Sean got fumming! Bloody women! And on your tour of l.a you wouldn't let me near my bromance! I almost ripped the bus apart to get to him!. Anita should stop smiling it puts on a persona that she's actually enjoying herself. And why wasn't my mum invited? On a plus team Anita will do this again! And I stole undies and a bra! I think you should hire myself and brenno as your guides. We know nothing but f#.* we can find the d! Plus I'm giving this 8 stars out of 5.. Your like Leo dicaprio nail every movie but never gets an oscar.... Bloody give him one!
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  • Awake tours, Anita & Jess, don't ever stop what you are doing! ‪#‎tolbud‬ ‪#‎20minutes‬ ‬ ‪#‎LA‬ ‪#‎vegasbaby‬
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  • Good Times, Great People. Can't recommend them high enough. See you next year !!!
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  • 100% the craziest 2 weeks of my life!! Cannot reccomend these guys highly enough. 1 rule : Don't Die
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  • Love you long time - c u next year !!!!@ USA USA USA
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  • Had the best week of my life! Spent my time looking for the d with some pretty awesome people! Can't wait to do it again next year! #teamanita
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  • Good times good times had !!!!! Can't wait for 2016 Europe hurrrrrryyyy uppppppp !!!!!!!!!!!!! Good times to come again aha !
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  • Not long now #cantwait #hurrythefurkup Great service to date!
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We were once / still are broke backpackers & students, so we know times can be tough. If having too much money isn't a problem you face on a daily basis then rest assured Awake Tours got you covered.

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