Wide Awake


You Bring The Ruckus,
We’ll Bring The Bass.

PERTH. We’re Back & You’re Up !

Feb 22.23 2020

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Step 3. Choose Your Transport

Presented by AWAKE TOURS – the crew who take you to the dopest music festivals around the world… We thought it was about time our home country got a chance to see what it’s like on tour …

Awake Tours Presents Wide Awake ( Formally Nocturnal Neverland ) – A 2 Day Electronic Trip. It’s time to get wierrrd …

“Taking you from to .”

House Rules
1. You Must Love Electronic Music. Bass. Trap. DNB. Grime. House etc.
2. We Party Where We Sleep
3. You May Not Sleep
4. The Only Access To Wide Awake Is Via Our Private Transfer. Pick Up Saturday 1pm. Drop off Sunday 5pm. Drive Takes 1.5 Hours
5. You Will Be Sent The Pick Up Location 2 Days Before The Event
6. There is No Contact To The Outside World
7. No Egos. No Fights. No Stealing. 0% Tolerance for Bad Vibes
8. We respect ourselves, others & Music
9. We do not care where you come from. We Welcome & Include Everyone.
10. Y’all Have to outdo your last efforts – This Gon’ Be Huge !

But What Do You Reckon ?

  • Big ups to everyone who attended the event, that weekend was pure vibes!!  Time to get some fucking sleep now Biggest loves to the crew for such a deadly time and making such magic happen! 
  • This event was hands down the freshest thing perth has ever seen so stoked to be a part of it Keep bringing da fiyah
  • Continuess flash backs of maddness. Absolutely best weekend of my life. Everyone were absolute legends 🎉🎉🎉 cannot wait to fuck shit up all over again next year yewwwwww ! Great times. 11/10 would give up sleep again
  • One of the best events I've ever been to! What a weekend! Blayze B2B Density B2B Adsey B2B More Gain feat. CD MC biznizz yesterday morning. Epic. Big ups to the sweat crew ignoring the hangovers to have a boogie in 35° heat. 

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