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1. If you look too good you’re probably not doing it right …

Expectation …


vs Reality…



…. you’ll have way more fun this way

2. Not many people will ever want to come to the front of the main stage with you



But when you commit it’s totally worth it .

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3.Festivals are all about the fashion …


4. National Pride is everywhere – Take your flag & let it be seen

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5. Get used to living out of a suitcase… Living out of a suitcase is not fun, but you soon realise how much you don’t actually need  (tip : When they say go backpacking, don’t get an actual backpack unless it has wheels  [suitcase ftw] )


6. Get used to learning material possessions don’t mean s#it and probably get used to being broke as well



…but It’s okay, because when you’re travelling everyone else is broke also

7. However,  understand that you wouldn’t trade your memories for any sum of money anyway; and you’d do it all again in a heartbeat

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8.You will never have clean clothes – & you will have to improvise but that’s okay we don’t judge


9.Ricardo is the greatest bus driver in the world …. and is also a Mexican version of Morgan Freeman


10. Exchange rates suck, any money you thought you had ; halve it…. Then halve it again….then throw the remaining money into the wind , because that’s basically what’s going to happen


11.You won’t get much sleep so you will make use of what you can

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12. If you lose your friends 10 minutes into a festival & haven’t organised a meet up spot, you’re on your own for the next 12 hours


13. You see some weird s#it….just embrace it – don’t try to understand it



14. Join In On The Wierd-ness, it’s more fun that way


15.The Music Is actually epic & the experience is euphoric


16. You’ll develop ‘crews ‘ and ‘ gangs’ which you’ll keep for life. This is your Festival/Travel Family (Shoutout to KKC – cunnup – straya– Team Anita – Team Awake etcccc)

These crews will often have team totems which are normally random stuff which you have found along your travels.

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17. If you’re at a festival & you are short – you may be in trouble. Unless you find a nice person to allow you to snap their neck for the duration of your favourite song- as you have the time of your life – piss off everyone behind you & break the shoulders of the person below you, but that doesn’t matter because you’re having fun.

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18. Post Holiday Depression is real & being back at work will take some adjusting to

IMG_1463 Work+sucks+i+know_8d60a1_4660703

19. Your brain will expand & you will learn things you  never knew you needed to know.

You will take on different opinions and insights to life and living gained by a variety of people who grew up with different cultures, religions, influences and backgrounds which you would never have known about or even had been able to acknowledge that they did exist had you not have taken the plunge and gone travelling.  This will impact your whole life and mentality…Prepare to have your mind blown. BOOM!

Once you get home, there is no one who can appreciate or relate to your travel stories. No matter how much explaining you do they’ll never get it & that’s okay, you shouldn’t expect them to … Until then just continue to annoy them with how it was “The Greatest Experience of your life”

However – You will appreciate everything back home a lot more (hot water,washing machine,your own bed etc)


20……. but soon enough the wanderlust will set in again and you’ll want to take off again on another adventure!



21. I have the best ‘job’ in the world 🙂

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Blog By Anita Bass

I have had the honour of travelling to more than 55 cities in the past 2 years and meeting some of the coolest people in the world. Thanks for reading my random article to the end 🙂 These are all just a bit of fun, don’t take them too seriously / get all politically correct on me now aha. Thankyou to everyone who allows us to do what we do & I hope you all continue to travel every square inch of the globe, expand your mind and do the cool stuff that you’ve always wanted to do because life is not a monopoly game to collect things and die with them & life is too short to be boring or to ever think ‘what if’. If you wish to find out more about anything hit me up on Facebook or email the company

Until then hopefully see y’all on tour 🙂

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