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27 Things You Must Do Atleast Once While In America

1. Get A Penthouse with your friends

Okay maybe not Hugh Hefners Palm Suits at $40k a night, but the next best thing –

A Terrace Suite at the MGM Grand
This was one of the most memorable experiences of my time in Vegas. I mean when else can you say I Sipped champagne on the balcony of a penthouse in Vegas in a robe, slippers & cigar in hand ? #Vegas

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coachella tours  2017coachella tours  2017

coachella tours  2017coachella tours

2. Make It Rain!

So you hear about these $1 Bills and every American stripper stereotype mentions ‘Make It Raiiiiin’ but what is making it rain ? Oh I’m so glad you asked. Here is a photo of me ‘Making it rain’ In Vegas. Making it rain is an art form not to be taken lightly & to be perfected over time, hence the concentration.

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3. Represent Your Home Team ! “Distance makes the heart grow fonder”

Coachella 2014 & 2015 – Both years wearing my team 🙂

entourage toursentourage tours

4. Stand By Your Team even when a Rival makes himself known

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 5. Get A Free Private Suite at A Lakers Game – To be honest it didn’t matter who was playing … or that the Lakers got completely annihilated – Bucket list item – Tick 🙂

entourage toursentourage tours coachellaentourage tours coachella 2017entourage tours coachella

6. Make the rest of your group super jealous about that Private Suite because they all chose to rush & get tickets while you were tactically devising a plan to get this free Private Suite at the Lakers game 🙂

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7. Ride the Tea Cups & all the rides at Disneyland

( Age need not be a factor )

tomorrowland tour

tomorrowland tour
tomorrowland tour

8.  Endure a Coachella Sandstorm

tomorrowland tour

9. Join The Illuminati

tomorrowland tour
…Just Kidding. #TeamGangSigns

( Refer to #16 on Anitas’ Blog – 21 Cool Things I Learnt By Travelling the World To Music Festivals)

10. Get Your Face Paint Done By A professional Artist
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 11.  Chill In The Sun By The Hollywood Sign


 12. Cheers to life On Top of Vegas’s Best Rooftop Bar


13. Visit The Grand Canyon


14. Drink Out of a Football in Vegas 🙂

aq - Copyas

15. Regret drinking out of that football in Vegas


16. Buy Some Cool Shades in Venice Beach – California


17. Find A Sugar Mumma – ie) A random girl in XS Vegas who decides to take you under her wing all night, buy you drinks & develops a serious woman crush


18. Find A Sugar Daddy


Just Kidding – That’s Ricardo aka Rico aka The Greatest Bus Driver Ever Aka Mexican Morgan Freeman

19.  Hire a car and stalk TV shows decades after they have finished

Laguna Beach


The Walsh’s house 90210


Dylan McKay’s house 90210


20. Get a Tattoo In Las Vegas – Sorry Mum

tat tats

21. See The Fountains at The Bellagio in Las Vegas


22. Get Up Close &  Personal With Your Tour Guide

 bit bit2

23. Represent Australia while watching ACDC Live


24.  Try to re-create ‘The D’ outside The D Hotel & Casino In Vegas …aand fail miserably

d dd

25. Get Involved in a couple of Photoshoots in Hollywood


26. Loose your mind at one of the worlds’ greatest Music FestivalsIMG_7236 11138015_1592393250999587_217876639_n 11111385_594156113954202_2111493038_n 11093107_1573464082934945_146910357_n


27. Have The Greatest Time Of Your Life and Create Memories With Some of The Coolest People On The Planet

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