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FAQ – Cancellation & Refund Policies.

Cancellation and Refund Policy: In the event you wish to cancel your tour/event after booking we require written confirmation via email.  

All Deposits are nonrefundable & non-transferable to another person. If you cancel after paying a deposit you will not receive your deposit back.
If you cancel 91 Days before your tour up until the day of Departure: 100% of the full tour invoice is forfeited

Lockdowns, Travel Disruptions, or similar.

-If your home country or the country you are visiting or any of the countries which you need to get through to your final destination go into lockdown & you can’t make tour, you will receive a credit to the full amount of your tour to be used within 12 months from the date of your original tours departure. OR in the event the lockdown is for an extended period of time – within 12 months of the first day it is legal to leave your country. *If your home country has quarantine requirements upon return this is NOT seen as a lockdown/block & a cancel will be seen as a normal cancellation.

-If you cannot make tour due to the fact of your own negligence to abide by or recognise requirements in either your home country or the country you are visiting or any of the countries through which you may need to transit through ( I.e Required vaccination in a connecting country, required quarantine – negative tests etc ) this will be seen as a no show & you will not be reimbursed with a credit.

What Will Awake Be Doing To Ensure I have a covid safe trip?

Awake has been working very closely with all its external providers to ensure all cleanliness & legal protocols are met for every country we visit. Increased cleaning, staff testing, required vaccinations;or negative tests, self-regulated airconditioning our yachts as well as increasing cleaning to 2 x a day disinfecting all common areas, handles & surfaces, mask-wearing by staff where required, & social distancing where necessary are just some things we will have changed going forward. If you have any queries about your particular tour please email us at

Will I need to be vaccinated to join Awake Tours ?

We do not have a mandatory vaccine policy. HOWEVER – your home country may require you to be vaccinated to leave & return. The country your tour is in may also have its own vaccine requirements as well as the events you will go to – this is case by case. It is your responsibility to look at what is required for your home country as well as any countries you are transiting through to get to tour as well as your tour & events.

I want to join tour but I am a solo traveller?

80% of our tour attendees are solo travellers. We specialise in making you feel as if you are part of the family from night one & as if you never booked the trip solo! You will leave with a family.

Am I Too Old For Tour ? What’s the age limit?

We get this one A LOT! In short – NO you are not too old! Our tours are all about a mindset ! Being open to travel & meeting new people & having fun. In saying that with everyone who books the ages range between 18-41. If you enjoy the things we showcase that we do on Awake Tours & you feel like we are your type of people & you’re a good person ready to have some fun & see the world – then you will fit right in.

Are Flights Included?

Flights are not included. We always meet up at the starting location of the event. Look at the end of your chosen tours description page to the What’s Included tab – to see what is included.

Can I see who is on my tour before I leave?

Yes πŸ™‚ We have crew Messenger chats for pre-tour meet-ups, talking through tour & to help you get through post-tour depression.

Why do you guys have so many good reviews :O ?

We provide quality service, out-of-this-world experiences & really want to show you the V.I.P / proper way to experience the places we go. We take care of everything for you & are often described as controlled chaos. There is a reason why word of mouth is the #1 way people find out about Awake Tours. We provide extreme quality while keeping things affordable. Anyone can go backpacking & see certain places; however, Can you see Croatia on a megayacht? Get a cabana on the stage of the artists for the EDC Pool parties? Get a Penthouse in one of the most exclusive hotels in Vegas? Get backstage artist passes for the world’s largest dubstep party? ….. We LOVE what we do & creating experiences you could never on your own.

How much money should I bring?

You can go to Vegas & spend $600 a day or $60 a day it really depends. As a general rule we say between $120-150 per day if you want to not penny-pinch while you’re out ( Unless you’re coming to Thailand, where $40 can have you treated & eating like the King/Queen you are). Remember to factor in the exchange rate when you budget πŸ™‚

Can I get a discount if I book more than one tour?

Yes! You may receive $100 off your 2nd tour when you do more than one tour in one calendar year.

Do you have a discount for groups of mates?

Groups of 6 or more get $120 off each person’s invoice!

Every tour is different – so please email us at if you have any particular questions! We look forward to meeting you.

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