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Get PAID TO PARTY !  You all asked for it – Here it is :

How It Works:

  1. Fill In Your email below.
  2. Wait for the Awake Crew to create your profile – You will receive a confirmation email & will respond with what you want your code to be!
  3. Let Your Friends Know & Apologise in advance for making everything else in their life seem boring after they go on tour.
  4. They get $60 off tour . You make $60  – Unlimited Earnings – Hell Yiah!
  5. GET PAIIIIIIDDD –  8 Weeks Before the tours departure you will receive 100% of your earnings into your nominated bank account. 

** YO ! You don’t have to be going on the tour to get paid! However you will have to live vicariously through your friends who are having the greatest time of their lives. Tip: Delete all forms of social media to avoid serious depression.

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