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Current Contributors to Awake Tours . com

Who is #TeamAwake ?    – You are 🙂 #TeamAwake is made up of every life loving , epic human being that crosses our paths throughout our travels near & far.



Al Tesoro aka Al PacinoVideographer, Photographer, Camera Guru, Official Aftermovie creator, Future American Idol Superstar, General God of anything media related & all round the nicest person you could ever meet. Al works with a camera  in ways us mere mortals could only ever dream of. Al is a modern day Spielberg with a heart of Gold. Known extensively for her work on the EDC Las Vegas Unofficial Aftermovie and the Team Awake USA Tour After Movie, there’s no doubt Al’s name will be repeated for many centuries to come. View her Article The USA Files – The States through the lense of Al!

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Brendo – Party Goer / Self appointed Tour Guide and now a highly sought after professional internet blogger after his recent post on our website #BreakTheInternetBrendo ( 17 Dumbest Things I did In Coachella, Vegas + Los Angeles) Coming out of Canberra, Australia – Brendo/ Brenno/ Bren/ Brenni is a one man entertainment unit, never one to stop a party early and will always be the last man standing. His hobbies include giving out free hugs to people during music festivals, doing the Aussie shuffle, getting bro-tats and breaking hearts.

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Jess – aka Poots.  Blogger, Videographer, Photographer, Tour Guide, Group Protector and much more. Jess is the biggest Fest-head you will ever meet! From New Jeresy USA, Jess is one of the coolest girls you will ever come across. Jess has been to every single music festival or event you could think of and if she hasn’t she is planning to! She is an avid travel and a music & music festival blogger, who carries around a massive blow up dinosaur ‘Roland’ so you can find her at music festivals! Jess has been featured in many music columns on and offline & is available to help you to capture your perfect festival moments. Check out her personal Blog – Planet Poots! See Jess’s many Videos through our Festival Front Seat  snapshot!

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The Lid Of Truths aka Wiki-lidia aka Chief Executive Officer Of Decision Making / 2IC to company CEO. The Lid of truths was introduced to the Awake Tours family early in 2015. During a very fortunate but unexpected turn of events, upon a necessary group expedition through a festival camping ground – the prophet was found. The lid of truths soon became the cornerstone & necessary backbone which would go on to create a solid foundation for the tour family, guiding them with the strong decision making powers of which it possessed & providing answers for any truths that were ever left unanswered. Once established as part of the family, the lid was never left behind no matter where the crew travelled. Rumour has is that the lid of truths aka the messiah of the 21st century, has made it’s way back from the United States to Australia.


Anita Bass – General Lord, Tour Operator, Website Pimp-er, All Round Great Person and a Seasoned Pioneer of the Awake Tours Family. Known by all for her fantastic dancing abilities or as some describe “Her ability to make others feel comfortable to be themselves with how ‘great’ her dancing abilities are” Anita is a travel, music and festival enthusiast amongst many other things, originating but never restricted to Perth, Australia & having travelled half the world. Her life mission is to save the world, meet everyone, make the world a better place and to ban Vegemite from every square inch of the globe . Check Out her latest Blog “21 cool things I learnt by travelling the world to music festivals”

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Jacinta aka Cinna aka The Most avid Brisbane Lions supporter known to man aka Mumma Festival – Party Animal, Mother to all things festival related and an online travel Blogger – check out her latest blog 30 Things you must do atleast once while in America. Mumma Festival is an Australian based travel enthusiast whos’ heart yearns for and lies in Canada. Jacinta has never been known as the quiet one in any group & is always up for a good time. You will see her representing her love for the Brisbane Lions no matter where she is in the world & she will never back down when it comes to defending them either. Her ability to know facts about American television shows is 2nd to none & she proved this yet again when she hired a car and drove to/stalked her favourite sitcom properties ( it doesn’t count if no-one sees you) . If you ever have the pleasure of going to a music festival with this lovely lady, be assured that she will have you sorted, having packed every possible necessity that you may or may never need for a long day under the electric sky. Jacinta makes the lives of those around her that little bit better & we wouldn’t trade her for the world.

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