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Space Cadet

You witnessed the delivery of 
Nocturnal Neverland. 

This is Space Cadet.
1 Warehouse. 1 Night. 1 Ticket.

Recruit - Perth CBD Location
7:00 pm - 13 October 2018 

Abort Mission 2:00 am

For The Love Of Bass

One Day
i woke up
and i realised
that my mind
wasnt mine anymore
i got up, and i took off
the top of my head
and laid my mind on the floor
just then, a strange sound
caused me to turn around
and i saw you in flames
by the door
my god said i
with my one liquid eye
am i dreaming?
or am i insane?

2018 Sale:
OG Sale: February 22 - March 1
Newsletter Sale: March 1 - March 7 
Pre-Sale: March 7 - May 1
1st Release: May 1 - July 1
Final Release: July 1 - September 30