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Travelling Solo! From Hesitation to Liberation


Picture this: A solo traveler, armed with doubts and a backpack, standing at the crossroads of adventure and anxiety. That was me, contemplating solo travel and the intimidating idea of navigating a foreign land alone. But something inside of me told me to take the plunge! I had also seen many Instagram videos of a vibrant community of travel go-ers through the Awake Tours socials! Fast forward 3 tours & I am so glad I took the initial plunge which ultimately transformed my solo journey into a symphony of fun, music, and belonging with a new family ill be a part of forever!

The Initial Hesitations:

Let’s rewind to the beginning, where the prospect of solo travel seemed as daunting as deciphering an ancient map without Google. The fear of the unknown, the anxiety of being a lone wanderer, and the nagging question – “What if I end up feeling like an outsider?” These were the hesitations that kept me from taking the plunge into the solo travel realm. However none of my friends at home were ready to travel, some said they were but never committed & I just wanted to go!

Facing the Solo Travel Fear:

As a solo traveler, the list of fears seemed never-ending – from the awkward loneliness at dinner tables to the trepidation of getting lost in translation. The uncertainty of forming connections, the fear of missing out on shared experiences, and the lingering worry of safety were all formidable barriers to overcome. Solo travel, it appeared, was a daunting mountain to climb.

Enter Awake Tours – The Game Changer:

Enter Awake Tours, the dynamic protagonist of my solo travel saga. What initially drew me to this vibrant tour company wasn’t just the promise of exciting events, music festivals, and parties – it was the reassurance that I wouldn’t be navigating this adventure alone, the price was very reasonable & everyone seemd super welcoming & cool from the videos I had seen!. Awake Tours became more than just a tour company; it became the bridge between my hesitant self and the exhilarating world of solo travel & ultimately what lead me to my new self!

Awake Tours: The Welcoming Family:

The moment I stepped into the world of Awake Tours, it felt like I had been welcomed into an old family of people I knew. The apprehension that had accompanied me on my solo journey began to dissipate as I realized that I wasn’t just on a tour – I was part of a lively community where everyone was united by a common love for music, fun, and exploration as well as a lot of people were solo travellers & felt the same way as me. Our tour guide gave a speech which basically summed up all the reasons why we should be mates with one another & how they only accept full inclusion & make sure everybody is getting along! Our tour guide told us to drop our egos at the door, don’t make it like high school & have a good time with your new crew!

Discovering the Beauty of Solo Travel:

As the days unfolded, I discovered the profound beauty of solo travel within the safety net of Awake Tours. The freedom to explore at my own pace, the joy of forming spontaneous connections with fellow travelers, and the liberation of discovering new places without the fear of solitude became the highlights of my journey. Navigating the unfamiliar became an exhilarating game rather than a fearful challenge.

Shared Experiences, Lasting Bonds:

The beauty of Awake Tours lies not only in the events and parties but in the shared experiences that weave lasting bonds. Every sunset beach party, every event, every cool new daily activity, and every spontaneous adventure made me feel so greatful that I took the plunge! The fear of missing out? It became the thrill of being part of something bigger than myself.

Being solo forced me to make friends, everybody around me was in the same position and ultimately we were all there for a good time, so why not just spark up a conversation – you have nothing to lose! On top of this Awake made it very easy to do so & accepted nothing less than a solid crew who were all on a mission to have the best week ever!

The Security of a Supportive Community:

Awake Tours didn’t just eliminate my solo travel fears; it replaced them with the security of a supportive community. The tour guides weren’t just leaders; they were mates on this journey. The fellow tour attendees weren’t just strangers; they were friends who shared laughter, stories, and the joy of discovering a new destination together.

Awake Tours: More Than a Tour, It’s a Lifestyle:

What I initially considered a mere tour turned out to be a transformative lifestyle. Awake Tours isn’t just a ticket to events; it’s an invitation to a global family of music enthusiasts, adventure seekers, and kindred spirits. The music festivals and parties weren’t just entertainment; they were the soundtrack to a chapter of my life where fears were conquered, and solo travel became a celebration. Technically I was a solo traveller but really I wasn’t after about 10 minutes into my tour Day 1!


In the end, my solo journey with Awake Tours became a tale of metamorphosis – from a hesitant solo traveler to a fearless explorer, from a lone wanderer to a cherished member of a global community. Solo travel may have scared me initially, but with Awake Tours, it became a canvas on which I painted vibrant memories, formed lasting connections, and danced to the rhythm of a world that suddenly felt so welcoming.

So, to anyone hesitant about solo travel, I say this: Dive in, let the fears fade, and consider Awake Tours not just as a tour company but as the catalyst for a solo journey that exceeded all my expectations. It’s not just about the places you visit; it’s about the person you become along the way – a person liberated, connected, and forever part of the Awake Tours family. Cheers to conquering fears, embracing adventures, and discovering the beauty of solo travel in the company of those who make you feel at home – Awake Tours style.