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Day 1: The Meet Up
Welcome to your Motivation, Mindset & Life Launchpad in Paradise! Now for something a little different as we put a spotlight on Mental Health, let’s make that discussion cool again!

To excel in all parts of your life is to get out of your own way. We meet so many people who are “ stuck “ & see our tours as a way out from the life they hate. We appreciate & love this – we love our family & the positive impact we can have on your lives. But what if we could also help to give you some skills to better manage the other 51 weeks of the year 🥰The Woke Week – a mental break & reset by @awaketours.

This tour is for anyone who may need a break from life, to get a view of their path and wtf they’re doing from a new perspective, to help get your mind right or if your well on your journey & wanna be around some dope people! We are relatable as F*ck & this retreat is not too woo wah but we are here to sift through your shit with you. We are your people

All Meals Included Vegan Buffet All Days, All Accommodation, All transfers, Access to all classes as well as Awake Only Talks & a one on one Mind Map Coaching Session.

Join us on the beautiful Island of Koh Phagnan !! Make your way to our private oasis. Witness the beauty of this island as you drive through the forest once your private driver has picked you up from the ferry dock!
Wonderland is a mental break. A picturesque escape from the hektikness of life bringing together world class teachers & thought leaders from all over the globe.

Today you will meet up with the group, get checked in & get orientated with your new home. We will be here for you every step of the way – however we understand & deliver the Woke Week as a time for your own personal journey & reflection. We will have classes / times we mention we will all meet up as well as dinners every night – however this week is for you!
Day 2 - 7: UnF*ck Yourself
Throughout the week we will have Awake Tours private talks including thoughts on life / motivation & open discussions. You will also have access to a one on one Mind Map Life Coaching Session which you may book in at any time. There will be the option to join us at the beach to watch the drum circles & sunset as well as ecstatic dance!

You also have access to the cold plunge ice pool as well as the sauna & the ability to hire a scooter if you wish to explore the magical island!

This week allows you access to all classes on the schedule. Examples are:

Rebirthing Breathwork, Laughter Yoga, Guided Meditations, Yin Yoga,Vision Board & Manifestation Workshops, Art Meditation, Kirtan singing, Ecstatic Dance, Mindful Exploration, Inner Dance, Q&A with Detox Consultants, Acro Yoga, Healing Voice Practice & many more – Starting at 8am & finishing at 9pm every day if you wish!

We will make sure you always have the option to meet us for lunch and dinner if you so wish to – again – this is your week for you come as you please

--Your home is tucked away on the fringes of the jungle in Ko Phangan, the centre is surrounded by lush, green vegetation; fringes of mountain tops peak over the horizon. Frogs make crazy nocturnal noises. You feel like you’ve left the mayhem way behind. But you’re not deep enough in the jungle to see anything slithering around; and there’s a 7-Eleven ten minutes away. The beach itself is also within striking distance. It’s ‘jungle-lite’. There is also a pool! The Food is delicious, we know the word “vegan” may scare some people but this chef prepared banquet is always packed with flavour.
Day 8 : Departure - We Love You
We are honoured to deliver your this once in a lifetime experience. We aim to provide a mental break & a launchpad as we sift through what really makes you happy in life, who you are now & who you want to be! Welcome to the Woke Week!
Superior, air conditioned accommodation 2 person per room . 2 x Double Beds
Full Vegan chef prepared buffet meals healthy, nutritious meals + free coffee all day + serve yourself tea stations.
Awake Tours Talks, daily check ins / Group Dinner connects
Yoga classes, meditation, dance, sound healing, breathwork & all listed below
Round Trip transfer from Koh Phangan ferry port upon arrival
Tropical welcome drink upon arrival
Free filtered water all around the resort
Access to the swimming pool and herbal steam sauna and cold plunge pool
Free wifi throughout the resort
Beach Night
Ecstatic Dance Night
Schedule Includes:
Ashtanga yoga
Hatha yoga
Kundalini yoga
Yin yoga
Acro yoga
Jivamukti yoga
Meditation and Mindfulness classes
Philosophy lectures
Sound healing
Kirtan singing
Chakra Balancing
Rebirthing Breath Work
Fire and Dinner gathering
Movie nights
November 2021

Deposit Only Required to Secure Spot:

Full Price:
Pre-Sale $1,790
Full Price $1,990

The deposit comes off the total price. The remaining amount is not required until 8 weeks before tour departure & can be paid off whenever you like & whatever you like using your invoice code OR all at the 8-week mark.