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Introduction: Picture this: A solo traveler, armed with doubts and a backpack, standing at the crossroads of adventure and anxiety. That was me, contemplating solo travel and the intimidating idea of navigating a foreign land alone. But something inside of me told me to take the plunge! I had also seen many Instagram videos of a vibrant community of travel go-ers through the Awake Tours socials! Fast forward 3 tours & I am so glad I took the initial plunge which ultimately

1. Get A Penthouse with your friends Okay maybe not Hugh Hefners Palm Suits at $40k a night, but the next best thing - A Terrace Suite at the MGM Grand This was one of the most memorable experiences of my time in Vegas. I mean when else can you say I Sipped champagne on the balcony of a penthouse in Vegas in a robe, slippers & cigar in hand ? #Vegas 2. Make It Rain! So you hear about these $1 Bills and every

 ELECTRIC DAISY CARNIVAL - EDC  Electric Daisy Carnival aka EDC is an electronic music festival held throughout the United States in the Spring, Summer, and Fall months. EDC is often described as the greatest electric sky of them all. LOCATION: Various Locations - Las Vegas, Nevada is the original & largest. WHEN: June, ATTENDANCE: 200,000-400,000 DURATION: 3 days GENRE: Electronic, House The whole week leading up to EDC Vegas, known as EDM Week - showcases the greatest dj's, producers, artists and performers from around the world.  During this

#ShortShorts4Stiffy: A Post Dedicated To One of My Favorite People To Break The Rules With! There are only a few people in the world I have had the pleasure and honor of doing really stupid shit with, and Matty Akka was one of them. He was definitely one of my favorite people to do stupid, totally fun, should-have-instant-regret-but-didn’t, break the rules, kinda shit with! He also was one of my favorite people to talk travel, music, festivals, and have awesome life moments with,